Guidance on how to apply for your student visa

Guidance on how to apply for your student visa

Prior to submitting your visa application, please consult the Requirements section

All the visa applications must be submitted to
VFS Center, WTC, 6th floor, Colombo 1

General information

Applicants who wish to travel to France for the purpose of internship / training / higher studies need to apply for a Student Visa. If the stay is less than 90 days, then they must apply t for a short Stay Visa.
If the stay exceeds 90 days, then they must apply for a Long Stay Visa.

The earliest you can apply for a student visa is three months prior to the start date of the course.

Reminder: Once you have established your online registration or pre-registration at the chosen academic institution or equivalent instructional establishment, you will need to request an in-person interview with a Campus France Representative by writing to: 

Interviews take place – by previous appointment- at :

Campus France Information Desk

Alliance Française de Kotte. 11, Keppetipola Mawatta. Colombo 5

All appointments must be taken at least one month in advance and minimum at least 15 days before planned departure date.

Supporting documents required for your student visa application

In order to apply, the following documents are required:

The Long Stay Student Visa Checklist will help you to apply for your visa ( it will indicate the documents required)
Download the long stay Student Visa application Form

• Valid Passport, issued less than 10 years before date of application, valid for minimum 15 months with at least 2 free pages.
• 2 original application forms for long stay visa duly completed and signed with 2 identity photographs attached on to them.

Duplicates of the following documents should be provided (original + copy):

• Biodata (CV/résumé)
• Certificate of pre-inscription or inscription in a French university or other Higher Education Institution
• Interview Certificate with Campus France Representative
• Level of education and qualifications in Sri Lanka
• Level of education in French language (DELF B2)
• Level of education in English Language (TOEFL or IEFLTS),
• Proof of financial resources in Sri Lanka (applicant and parents) : copies of bank statements for the last three months and/or copies of deposit certificates and/or copies of savings book
• Booked travel itinerary

            Student should plan at least 615 euros a month. Funds must be transferable.

In case of a sponsor living in France:

• Statement of responsibility
• Particulars of sponsor such as:
1. Copy of identity card
2. Salary slips
3. Bank guarantee
4. Proof of income tax
5. Proof of accommodation….

For further information on visa applications please visit

Working in France during your studies

As a student studying a degree-level programme, you are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during term-time and full-time during vacation periods.

You can find out more about how the latest work visa regulations affect opportunities to work in France on